News Update: April 2016

Posted by Dave Vizard on

Welcome to the latest edition of the newsletter. We hope that you have had a good Easter break and that you are ready for the rigours of a busy Summer Term. This month we once again feature the serious issue of mental health.


A report from the think tank CentreForum shows that mental healthcare providers refuse to treat an average of 23% of under-18’s referred to them by GP’s, teachers and concerned parents. The report also highlighted the waiting times for users of child and adolescence mental health services had doubled over the past 2 years with services reporting waiting time of up to two and a half years.

Reasons given for turning them away was that the services felt that the young person’s condition was not yet serious enough or that they had not been unwell for long enough. Researchers found that some services were denying support for anorexics because their body mass index was not under a certain threshold.
Their analysis of regional expenditure on mental health found a north- south divide with northern regions spending more on healthcare for under-18’s and services in the south are experiencing serious capacity problems.

This report provides serious food for thought.