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Welcome to Dave Vizard’s Behaviour Solutions where we give you practical strategies, support and training which will reduce behaviour problems in the classroom.

Free Resources

Ways to Manage Challenging Students (e-book)

Download your free copy of Dave’s “Ways to Manage Challenging Students” e-book.

This e-book gives 101 tips on  ways to manage challenging students and also looks at the importance of non-verbal communication, ways to manage conflicts and the strategies we can give to students to help support them. 

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Keeping It Simple – Ways To Create A Presence In The Classroom (Video)

This webinar is presented by Dave Vizard. This webinar gives a range of practical tips on how you can successfully create a presence in the classroom that will have an immediate impact and improve your skills in managing inappropriate behaviour effectively.

Brain Matters audio

Brain Matters is an audio read by Dave Vizard from Brain Matters that make a difference in your grades taken from his chapter in the American publication ‘Amazing Grades – 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades faster’.

Amazing Grades – 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster is a new USA publication from Pat Wyman M.A. It brings together 101 authors from USA, UK and other areas to give top tips for learners to use to improve their grades. It is an interactive book with personal learning styles included. It also includes access to exclusive videos and MP3 files for students to use. There are special chapters for Parents and Teachers. I have produced a chapter for this book entitled Brain Matters That Make A Difference In Your Grades.

You can gain access to the mp3 file of me reading the chapter. This will automatically play in your browser.


Much has recently been written about the advantages of using Brain Breaks with pupils.  Doing a range of activities involving physical movement at the beginning of a lesson can enhance pupils’ readiness for learning. 

Brain Breaks can be used at the beginning of the lesson to energise the group and get their brains fit for learning. Also they can be dropped into a session when energy levels and concentration are flagging.

This free resource provides useful ideas for activities which will help to get students focused at the start of lessons and will re-engage them when their energy and interest begins to wane.

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