Amazing Brain Posters

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Which organ of the body do we all use most?

The one organ of the body that we ask pupils and students to use more than any other is the brain – and yet in many ways it is the part of their bodies that they least understand.

Most young people have no clear idea how to feed the brain to make it work more effectively, nor how to enhance their ability to learn. Likewise if they get angry, they tend not to see that as something they can control, but rather put all the blame on outside events.

To help pupils and students understand the brain and to help them begin to modify their own behaviour to their own advantage we have produced a series of four brain posters.

They are all full-colour A3 size posters printed on high quality 150gsm paper. Each poster looks at a different area. The four titles are:

- Look Inside Your Amazing Brain
- Fuel for Your Amazing Brain
- Learning with Your Amazing Brain
- Anger Control Using Your Amazing Brain

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