Understanding and Supporting Mental Health in Children and Young People

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This photocopiable resource on mental health in children and young people will provide understanding of this complex issue for colleagues and could provide information for concerned parents. It will look at:

  • research findings in particular current research which will shape future policy and provision.
  • social media and modern lifestyle and it’s impact on mental health giving appropriate interventions and support to use.
  • effects of cyber- bullying and bullying on mental health with appropriate interventions and support to use.
  • inequalities of health provision for BAME Groups.
  • support schemes available to support mental health.
  • 16 mental health conditions including their causes, characteristics/symptoms, support strategies/treatments. (These are updated from the Behaviour Solutions A Revised Guide To Syndromes and Conditions, More Syndromes and Further Syndromes and include a revised list of support strategies and updated causes/symptoms)
  • Useful websites, references and areas that support mental health.
  • Contains useful Key Points/Summary at the end of chapters.

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